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Floor Scale Standard Set Up Procedure

1. If you ordered a floor scale package, 99.9% of the time the scale you are receiving has already been calibrated at the factory. Please do not attempt to re-calibrate it without first contacting the factory!Hook Up your Floor Scale

2. The floor scale base has four black rubber feet. One located in each corner. Unscrew the feet at least ½ inch and level the scale (If the feet are not unscrewed ½ inch the scale will not weigh properly)

3. The cable for the weight indicator is usually located in the side access compartment or under the bottom of the floor scale. Please connect it to the weight indicator.

4. Turn on the weight indicator (after pluging the AC power into the outlet).

You are now ready to begin using your scale!

We normally ship the weight indicator by UPS and the floor scale by motor freight company. They usually arrive within a couple of days of each other



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